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When you’re wanting to remodel a bathroom in your home  make sure and call the Best El Paso Bathroom Remodelers.   We have 20 plus years of experience designing and building bathrooms in El Paso, Socorro and Horizon City TX.  From choosing the tiles that go together and other custom bathroom features, to rearranging the bathroom floor plan for better efficiency, our team of bathroom remodeling experts is here to give you the best bathroom for your El Paso home or Business.

When you only want the best El Paso bathroom remodeler

El Paso’s #1 Bathroom Remodeler has 20 plus years in the business and can bring your vision to life or design your dream bathroom today!

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About Us

As the best bathroom remodeler in El Paso, TX, we understand the importance of creating a beautiful and functional space that meets your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to update your fixtures, redesign your layout, or completely renovate your bathroom, we’re here to help. With our expert guidance and attention to detail, we can transform your bathroom into a space that you’ll love for years to come. 

Why Choose Us?

Decades of experience

in bathroom design, and installation removes doubt and confusion in the process and gives you the confidence to make your best bathroom project

We Use Only

Quality Materials at every step to ensure the job will last for the life of the home and magnify your enjoyment

Easy to Work With

Great Communication with you to assure your complete input and satisfaction with the final bathroom

Professional work site

Complete ongoing cleanup & management to make your day to day life easier & deliver a beautiful bathroom you can be proud of!

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Client Testimonials


"We hired our 1st remodeler and half way through the job I realized they were a joke. I was referred by a friend to Victor, who came in, assessed the situation, tore everything out and remade the bathroom into a real show place that all my family and guests love! His ideas were amazing and really made the difference.”
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Kevin, El Paso TX
Victor is such a professional and has been installing his whole life. His attention to detail and great ideas really made for an amazing bathroom transformation. What meant a lot to me was how clean and efficient their work site was. I'm happy to endorse El Paso bath remodelers. Hire them!"
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Susan H. El Paso, TX

“What can I say? These guys were incredible! From start to finish the were very professional, on time and knowledgeable about all aspects of bathroom remodeling. I needed some ideas and the were so creative in helping me. Highly recommend!
Happy customer el paso tx
Victoria M. El Paso TX

Remodeling your Bathroom is a huge responsibility

We take this very seriously.  We want to help you get what you want, and help you stay within your budget.  Lets get started today!

Remodeling Services
for your El Paso Bathroom

Give your El Paso bathroom a new look with a bathroom remodel today! We provide complete bathroom renovations, shower and bathtub conversions, custom tile, design services and upgrades that can make your bathroom more stunningly beautiful and accessible.

Let’s talk about your design!

Your bathroom remodel begins with a free design meeting with our experts. We will listen and discuss your vision for the bathroom and give you  expert insight on how to get the bathroom you are after. Maybe you are looking for a completely new bathtub and placement or a snazzy backsplash, we’ll bring our 20+ years of experience to you, allowing you to select products and finishes. We will help you select from any number of high-quality products and finishes to find styles you will love to live in.

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" They just go me and my style! Everything I wanted came to light in just over a week. I could not be happier with El Paso Bathroom Remodelers"
El Paso, TX
Expert bathroom Installation in El Paso tx

When it’s time for your bathroom remodel, Our Professional El Paso installers will remove any old fixtures and then make any needed repairs. Then we’ll complete the remodel to your standards with extreme attention to detail

Remodeling a Small Bathroom

We can help you with a large or small bathroom remodel. With our high-quality workmanship, products and installation you can expect El Paso Bathroom Remodelers to guarantee your bathroom for a full 2 year warranty after completion, for added peace of mind.  When you are ready to make your home pop!  With a professional upgrade, contact El Paso Bathroom Remodelers today to get the planning started on your next remodel project. You can schedule a free in home design meeting today, and you will be able to plan a bathroom remodel that’s will give you bathrooms you can be proud of for years to come!

Luxury Bathroom Installations in El Paso TX

As a trusted and experienced bathroom remodeler in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City and Anthony TX, we know that a bathroom renovation can completely transform a home. From updating fixtures and finishes to creating a more functional layout, a bathroom remodel can add value and comfort to any property. But how do you ensure that your bathroom remodel is a success? The key elements of a successful bathroom renovation, from design to installation, choosing the right bathroom contractor to selecting the best fixtures and finishes for your space. With our expert guidance, you’ll be able to create the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, functional, and comfortable space. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom fixtures, redesign your layout, or completely renovate your space, we’re here to help. As the #1 bathroom remodeler in El Paso, Socorro, Horizon City and Anthony TX, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the results you want. Let’s get started!

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